Orbea Wild M11 AXS Custom eMountain Bike Review | 2024 eMTB Shootout




Photos by Max Rhulen & Dusten Ryen
Video by Brian Niles / Treeline Cinematic

As the winner of our 2023 eMTB Shootout, we had to have the Orbea Wild back in the mix to go head-to-head with 13 of the best electric mountain bikes on the market in 2024 and see if it could defend its title. You’ll have to stay tuned for the finale of our 2024 eMTB Shootout to see how it stacks up, but for now it’s safe to say that the Orbea Wild is still a killer machine.

2024 EMTB SHOOTOUT SERIES – The Orbea Wild M11 was one of 14 eBikes that our staff thoroughly tested with absolute objectivity in mind. From different types of riders to terrain, our goal is to present the best and most honest information possible to help you make your best decision. Of course, we’d love to thank Fox Racing and Schwalbe Tires for being invaluable partners to this series and making it happen and to Howler Bike Park for hosting us for our testing.


• 160mm Linkage Driven Single Pivot W/Concentric Boost Suspension
• 29” Wheels
• Bosch Performance Line CX Motor
• 625Wh Battery

Price: $5,699 – $12,999

Frame: OMR Carbon | 160mm
Fork: Fox Factory 38 GRIP2 EMTB | 170mm
Shock: Fox Factory Float X2

Motor: Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 | 85Nm | 600W Peak
Battery: Bosch Powertube | 620Wh
Display: Bosch LED Hub

Brakes: Shimano XT | 220mm F / 200mm R Galfer Rotors
Handlebar: OC Mountain Control OC10 Carbon | 35mm Rise
Stem: OC Mountain Control OC20 Alloy
Seatpost: OC Mountain Control MC21
Saddle: Fizik Terra Aidon

Hubs: OC Mountain Control MC32 TEAM POWER
Rims: OC Mountain Control MC32 TEAM POWER
Front Tire: Maxxis Assegai 29×2.5” | DH | MaxxGrip
Rear Tire: Maxxis DHR2 29×2.4” | DH | MaxxGrip

Cassette: SRAM GX Eagle T-Type | 10-52t | 12spd
Cranks: SRAM GX Eagle eBike | 165mm
Shifter: SRAM AXS POD | 12spd
Derailleur: SRAM GX Eagle T-Type | 12spd


  • Fast Up And Down

  • Killer Looks

  • MyO Customization

  • Rocket Ship Up and Down!

  • Racer’s Dream


  • Not The Most Forgiving

  • Benefits From Aggressive, Intentioned Riding or It Can Be Abusive


FRAME AND FEATURES | The Wild is Orbea’s full-power eMTB, designed to attack gnarly enduro stages and climb back up fast. Sporting a pair of 29” wheels only, the Wild uses a Linkage Driven Single Pivot suspension design with a “Concentric Boost“ pivot around the rear axle (known as Split Pivot on some other brands) to deliver 160mm of rear travel. Up front there’s a 160mm fork as standard, which can be bumped to 170mm using MyO.

MyO also allows for frame color, battery capacity and countless other changes. You can even get your name on the frame. MyO is one of – if not the most – comprehensive bike customization offerings in the industry right now, and something we see a lot of value in for the discerning end consumer.

Orbea offers the Wild in a choice of OMR Carbon Fiber (for their “M” series builds) or Hydro Alloy (for the “H” series) frames. These share the same key details, geometry and drive system. The difference is in their weight, with the Hydro frame commanding a lower price tag and higher weight.

Both of these frames receive the Sealed Internal Cable (SIC) system, which sees the rear brake; dropper and gear cable (if applicable) entering through the headset cups and being routed internally through the frame. This is a contentious point for many, but Orbea worked to address all of the concerns potential customers have with the system, fitting a high-quality stainless steel upper bearing to minimize the needs for maintenance.

There’s room in the front triangle for a water bottle; heavy duty rubber seals on frame pivot points to extend bearing life, and a small rubber fender on the Loam Shelf to protect the pivot area. Rounding out the features are a contoured rubber chainstay protector and small downtube guards at the top and bottom.

Orbea Wild M11 AXS Custom eMountain Bike Review | 2024 eMTB Shootout

DRIVE UNIT AND ELECTRONICS | The Orbea Wild uses the Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 system. This is the same system as used in six other bikes in this year’s eMTB Shootout, and for good reason. With 85Nm Torque and up to 600W Peak Power output, the Bosch system ranks well both on the spec sheet and out on the trail. The Bosch CX Gen 4 drive unit has proven time and time again to be solid and reliable, and the integration of their latest Smart System is one of the cleanest out there.

Orbea offers the choice of the 625Wh or 750Wh Bosch PowerTube batteries to power the system. This battery is internal and requires the motor to be dropped in order to remove it. This yields a more secure fitment and more efficient frame construction to minimize weight and maximize stiffness. However, the inability to remove the battery easily may be detrimental to those looking to fly with their eBike; charge off of the bike or make quick swaps with a spare battery to extend the ride.

The Bosch Smart System uses a cleanly Integrated LED Display in the top tube. Battery life is displayed in 10% increments, and the mode selected (out of ECO, TOUR+, EMTB or TURBO) is indicated with different colors. With the Wireless Mini Remote on the handlebar, the modes can be toggled and the Walk mode can be activated. Using the Bosch eBike Flow App, riders can update software; troubleshoot any issues, and tune the ride modes independently to their preferences.

GEOMETRY | The Orbea Wild uses a purposeful race-minded geometry package that’s designed to support high-speed riding both up and down the hill. The general geometry sheet sports aggressive numbers throughout, though there are no particular standouts.

2024 eMTB Shootout Bike Geometry

BUILD SPECS | With the aforementioned MyO program, Carbon Orbea bikes can be custom-built to suit each individual rider. The build can then be ordered to the local Orbea dealer, where it is assembled and checked before being handed over.

Standard build specs range from the entry-level, Alloy-framed H30 at $5,699 to the top-spec Carbon M-LTD at $12,999. With a $10k price cap set for this year’s eMTB Shootout, Orbea suggested that we configure the bike ourselves using their MyO program. Robert had fun creating his “realistic dream build” within that $10k budget, starting with their M11 AXS build and customizing the spec to deliver a $9,977 package that leaves little to be desired.

Our custom Orbea Wild build sees their carbon frame concealing the lighter 625Wh Bosch PowerTube battery. Suspension was upgraded to the Factory level, with a Fox 38 at 170mm and a Float X2 rear shock to offer the most adjustability and performance on the rowdiest sections of trail.

The drivetrain was a full SRAM’s GX AXS T-Type setup. We opted to spec the Shimano XT brakes instead of SRAM Code Bronze, which stopped on 200mm Galfer rotors front and rear.

To obtain a higher rise bar, we upgraded to Orbea’s in-house OC Mountain Control MC10 Carbon bar in 35mm rise, with their MC20 alloy stem. We chose the 200mm option of the OC Mountain Control MC21 dropper seatpost to give our crew plenty of clearance for the steeper descents.

The final piece of the puzzle was the Oquo Mountain Control MC32 TEAM POWER alloy wheelset. These were wrapped in upgraded DH-casing Maxxis Assegai/DHR2 tires, to offer the durability needed to allow the Wild to be pushed hard. However, as with all of the other bikes in this eMTB Shootout, we replaced these with our Schwalbe control tires. A pair of 2.4” wide Schwalbe Magic Marys were our go-to, with Super Gravity casing and Addix Soft rubber.

Altogether, this semi-custom built Orbea Wild with the Schwalbe tires weighed in at a reasonable 50.6lbs (22.9kg).

Orbea Wild M11 AXS Custom eMountain Bike Review | 2024 eMTB Shootout


SETUP | Getting the Orbea Wild suspension set up was not a difficult task for our crew. With recommended pressure in the Fox 38 and the rear shock set to 30% sag for each rider, we were left in a comfortable and confident spot.

Slightly trickier however was the switch between regular and Moto (UK) brake orientations as we went from the US crew to Robert and back. Orbea’s SIC system caused some cursing and made a 5-minute job take 15 for each switch. While this is of course not a task that most consumers are going to have to complete, it’s notable for bike shops looking to use the Wild as a rental bike and highlights the slightly increased complexity of any headset-related servicing.

Orbea’s headset system does seal the bearings well though, and the high-quality stainless steel upper bearing should be in it for the long haul, so it’s only tasks such as brake or dropper replacement that are likely to be impacted. For us, it’s an inconvenience that we could live with given our enjoyment of the rest of the bike.

Orbea Wild M11 AXS Custom eMountain Bike Review | 2024 eMTB Shootout

ELECTRONICS AND INTEGRATION | The way that the Orbea Wild integrates the Bosch drive unit into the front triangle makes for some extremely clean lines, and the result is one of the sleekest looking full power eMTBs on the market. The LED Display and Mini Remote are as clean as ever, and once you factor in the wireless drivetrain and headset cable routing, the result is an exceptionally clean cockpit and general aesthetic.

Thanks to its lightweight, stiff frame, and fairly well-mannered pedaling character, the Orbea Wild receives every bit of the grunt of the Bosch CX Gen 4 motor, and feels like a rocket ship on the way up. It’s notable when all of the drive units are turned up to the maximum how the frame platform can help – or hinder – the way that power is delivered on eBikes, and the Orbea does so effectively. The 625Wh battery offered reasonable range, and the option to add a Range Extender is much appreciated for the longest days in the saddle. We’d still consider opting for the integrated 750Wh battery if we had the time to get long rides in regularly.

Orbea Wild M11 AXS Custom eMountain Bike Review | 2024 eMTB Shootout

CLIMBING | The Wild is a well-sorted climber. The geometry is well balanced, with enough weight on the front wheel to make the steepest pitches of climb easier than most on test. The suspension platform is efficient enough to feel sporty, but still delivers sufficient traction and comfort to keep us happy for all but the roughest and most slippery climbs or the longest days. The Fizik eMTB saddle helped with comfort, offsetting a slightly firmer suspension platform than some others.

Orbea Wild M11 AXS Custom eMountain Bike Review | 2024 eMTB Shootout

DESCENDING | The Orbea Wild was an eBike that had one thing on its mind when the terrain turned downwards: going fast. Its supportive suspension platform and stiff and direct frame gave plenty of feedback to let the rider know what’s happening under the tires. The low overall weight enabled quick line choices or picking up over obstacles to find backsides. And the geometry was exceptionally well balanced to put the rider in the center of the bike in a poised and comfortable position, with stability to encourage brakes to be let off and speeds to be pushed.

Where the Orbea fell back for some of the crew is in its comfort and forgiveness. As a bike developed for e-Enduro racing, Orbea put work into the frame structure to deliver a very stiff and precise feeling. While this felt great when the crew was pushing hard and feeling on their game, as the intense testing period progressed it was noted that the Wild could become a hard bike to ride casually. Granted, conditions were as testing as it gets with the rocks offering next to no traction on any bike, but Drew and Sean commented that the Orbea didn’t make you feel like a hero if you lacked the energy to attack the trail.

When you could attack though, the resulting performance was nothing short of inspirational, and our crew agreed that the Wild likely had the capability to put down the fastest times in an enduro race. Aiding this feeling of speed was a remarkably dialed feeling, thanks to the attention to detail Orbea has applied in the creation of this Enduro eMTB.

FINISH AND VALUE | The finish of the Orbea Wild was still unmatched in terms of quality and refinement in this year’s eMTB Shootout. Helped by the clean integration of the Bosch system – which lacks the extra wiring of the Shimano – the Orbea Wild is a stunning bike in the flesh and commands a seriously premium feeling overall. Our bike was yet again absent of rattles or creaks, and with double-sealed pivots and protection in vulnerable spots, we feel confident in the longevity of the Wild.

In terms of value, spec-for-spec the Wild falls short of the likes of the Ari Timp Peak, but the overall package still feels to be quite reasonable given the Bosch system and higher quality frame. The MyO program undoubtedly adds some cost to Orbea’s overall process and therefore slightly increases the price compared to if they simply offered standard specs.

However, being able to make the Carbon fiber bikes unique to each rider with a choice from many beautiful paint finishes adds value in another sense. Additionally, selecting the part spec to your exacting preferences in order to avoid having to spend on replacement parts immediately will be much appreciated by many. And finally, having dealer support should anything go wrong is bound to give many some added confidence in their purchase. With all of this considered, Orbea does a solid job in terms of value in our eyes.

The Wolf’s Last Word

A bike that makes for some of the most heroic feeling moments on the trail, but doesn’t quite offer the comfort and forgiveness if not pushed hard, the Orbea Wild is inspirational but won’t be for everyone. The finish quality and overall package value make this a very easy bike to recommend for riders seeking the traits that the Wild provides.


Riders looking to attack the trail at full speed, both up and down.

Price: $9,977 (M11 AXS Custom)
Weight: 50.6lbs (22.9kg)
Website: Orbea.com


Without their support, we would not be able to make this series possible.


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