Norco Mountain Bike Review

In 1964 Northern Cycle Industries was founded in British Columbia, Canada.

In 1968 the Northern Cycle Industry name was shortened to Norco to make it easier to fit on a headtube badge and downtube. In 1973 Norco introduced the first full suspension BMX to the Canadian market. It looked like a motocross bike and it was badass, here is a link to the picture.

In 1984 Norco began designing and manufacturing mountain bikes, becoming one of the first North American companies to enter the mountain bike market. In 1991 Norco introduced the Rampage, it was one of the first mountain bikes to be produced with front suspension. The Rampage is still in Norco’s line up today. In 1994 Norco produced Canada’s first full suspension mountain bike. The FTS used the still popular Horst Link suspension System. In 1997 Norco created the popular Variable Point Suspension or VPS. VPS was a long travel “freeride” mountain bike that quickly became popular on Vancouver’s North Shore.

In recent years Norco has been making waves with the Range, Sight and Sight VLT. Using the famed Horst Link four bar system the Range and Sight are available in both 27.5 and 29 versions. The Sight VLT is an electric bike that won our 2019 E-Bike Shoot Out. Clearly Norco’s long history has led to their resent success.

Below you can find all of the reviews we’ve conducted aboard Norco Mountain Bikes. We take pride in offering the most honest and up-front reviews in hopes that you can better inform yourself on any future purchasing decisions based on your local terrain and skill level.

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