Western Colorado to Eastern Utah

Quintin Kurtz

Filmed and Edited by Max Rhulen

As a photographer and filmmaker it is always a pleasure working with athletes that are not only participating in their discipline at an elite level, but have a positive attitude towards getting that perfect photo or video clip. My name is Max Rhulen and I am a 22 year old photographer from Bend, Oregon. Before moving to Bend at the age of 18 I lived on the Front Range of Colorado and that is where my story with Quintin Kurtz began. The two of us became good friends in high school and by then Quintin had already proven himself as an exceptional downhill racer. For the last 6 years we have spent the spring, summer, and fall riding dirt jumpers, trail bikes, and downhill bikes together. In the winter we trade bikes for skis or in Quintin’s case a snowboard.

As time went on I fell in love with photography and filmmaking and Quintin kept proving himself on the bike. Quintin has won races like Pro GRT’s and has traveled abroad to places like Val Di Sole, Italy to race as a junior for the Downhill World Championships. Quintin and I have tried filming a video together and we never really got the results either of us wanted, but that all changed with this most recent project. Quintin is an engineering student at Colorado Mesa University. CMU is located amongst some of the best riding in North America with trails in Grand Junction, Fruita, and Moab. The point of this video was for me to get redemption and make a video that was I was proud of while showing off Quintin’s riding and the amazing trails that he gets to call home.

About Quintin Kurtz

Age: 20
Hometown: Evergreen, Colorado

I’ve been riding since I can remember. First pedaled a bike at three, built little jumps for awhile, then found myself racing mountain states cup full time at age 12. From there it’s only exploded on the National and international level!

My favorite setup on the trail bike is a more modern geometry with aggressive parts that resemble a downhill bike. I like a lighter more playful bike, but I am not a weight weenie. I run bomber Vittoria tires and Cush Core in the rear at all times on my trail bike.

My dream place to shoot would have to be anywhere that is high speed and the video shows it. Most of the time, on video, everything looks so much more tame than it actually is.

I have some ideas for future projects. I would love to see them come to life this summer and will do everything in my control so that it happens! Keep an eye out!

Right now my favorite bike is a Mondraker Foxy 29 or a Mondraker Summum. Both of these bikes have geometry that creates a supple feel, but also allows the bike to ramp up.