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The Canyon Spectral is back with some new things up its sleeve! Canyon has made some notable changes to the Spectral all in the aim of making this bike an absolute monster on the trails. Before we get too deep into the weeds, consumers in the USA will have access to builds and color-combos not found on Canyon’s European site or offering. We think it’s really cool and speaks to the commitment of the brand that they have enough flexibility to listen and adapt to their North American team’s input. It’s very apparent that trends and demands are different around the globe and we’re stoked to see Rock Shox Lyrik and Super Deluxe options as well as Fox 36 and DPX2 builds in the US.    

The most visible and notable change is the 2021 model is now a 29er, wagon wheel lovers can rejoice! The bike is longer, slacker and more ready than ever to fill that one bike quiver need. New kinematics have added improved pedaling performance and bottom out support without losing that ever so coveted small bump sensitivity. While a steeper seat tube angle will help keep you in that attack position on the climbs.  

The Canyon Spectral takes the same Triple Phase Suspension kinematics found in their DH, XC and previous Enduro bikes and sought to them for 2021. Anti-squat has been increased at the beginning stages of travel as well as at the sag point with an increase in progression at the end of the leverage curve. Canyon claims the added anti-squat is achieved without adding additional pedal kick back. And yes, this bike is coil approved!  

This all-new frame comes in at just 2,598 grams (5.72lbs) thanks to new a new carbon layup that turns out to be stiffer than previous generations without the added weight. In fact, at the head tube stiffness has been increased by a whopping 18% with the total weight loss being 222 grams. While this bike is lighter overall, some key areas have benefited with some extra material such as the chain stays, seat stay, rocker and front triangle.  

The frame boasts some really unique features such as a molded cable tubes for easy maintenance, integrated chain guide, attachable strap on the bottom side of the top tube for tools or a tube and replaceable thread inserts on the rear axle held in by a M3 screw incase the threads get stripped out. All linkage bolts are externally accessed, making them easy to check and or tighten trailside. The stem also has a unique feature where the bolts for the bar are located on top making it much easier to install and adjust the bars.

As far as sizing goes the Spectral 29 grows 20 -25mm in reach per size, with the large coming in at 485mm. With 437mm chain stays, Canyon Bikes was hoping to find the balance between playful and planted.  

There is a two-position flip chip that slackens the head tube from 64.5 to 65 and drops the bottom bracket height by 8mm. This will certainly be a nice adjustment for riders taking their bikes to different areas for races or road trips. 

There are three build kits coming to the US, all sporting a 160mm fork for maximum fun. Each build kit gives the rider a great starting point for their build to ride as is or upgrade to their selected favorite parts. With pricing ranging from $3,699 to $5,699 we cannot complain with what they are offering and just built up our test bike a few days ago. Let the trail bashing and test process commence. 

Spectral CF 7 29 ($3,699)
Spectral CF 8 29 ($4,699)
Spectral CF 9 ($5,699) 

We are very excited to spend some time on this all-new machine, so stay tuned for a review coming soon. 

2021 Canyon Spectral 29

The Spectral 27.5 has earned its share of awards and praise for its nimble handling and stellar suspension. The new Spectral 29 preserves those traits
and adds even greater control and improved pedaling performance, courtesy of 29-inch wheels, refined suspension kinematics, progressive geometry, cutting-edge
carbon technology, and a host of features that make the Spectral 29 fast, sure-footed, and flat-out awesome.

Every wheelsize has its merits. In this case, we took full advantage of what 29-inch wheels bring to the table — namely, improved traction, outstanding rollover and efficiency, and increased stability. Those 29er traits combine to make this new Spectral quick and confident in the most demanding conditions.

We reshaped every aspect of the Spectral geometry to give riders more stability on descents, as well as greater efficiency and comfort on climbs.

The Spectral 29er’s slack headtube angle and long reach combine to give riders excellent high-speed stability, low-speed maneuverability, and more even weight distribution for superior control. Likewise, the bike’s steep seat angle shifts your center of mass forward, providing riders with a better climbing position and more forward momentum from every pedal stroke.

2021 Canyon Spectral 29

We built the Spectral 29 around same Triple Phase Suspension that’s taken DH, Enduro, and XC riders alike to the winners’ podium the world over…then we refined the rear suspension to make the new Spectral faster on both climbs and descents. For starters, we increased anti-squat in the early stages of rear travel and at the sag point, for even crisper pedaling performance (without the associated ills of increased pedal kickback). Next, we added a bit more progression to the leverage curve, which boosts your control on the rowdiest of trails by increasing bottom-out resistance to big, high-speed impacts.

Weighing in at 2,598 grams (5.72 pounds), the Spectral 29’s full carbon-fiber frame is impressively light for a trail bike with this much suspension travel. Actually, what’s more impressive still is that we created such a lightweight frame while also improving the stiffness to weight ratio and meeting Canyon’s brutal Category 4 testing standards. A lightweight trail bike is one thing — a lightweight trail bike that aptly handles the rigors of EWS racing and days at the bike park is a whole lot more impressive. This is that bike.

Let’s start with a novel premise. “Innovative” features are not actually innovative if they make maintaining your bike a pain in the arse. The Spectral 29 is innovative, yes, and it’s also simple, durable, and easy to maintain.

No one knows the ups and downs of wrenching on dirty, abused bikes like our World Cup DH team mechanics. They’re the ones who came up with the idea to install replaceable thread inserts at nearly every pivot point on the new Sender CFR frame and now we’ve brought that innovation to the Spectral 29. These thread inserts eliminate the risk of irreparably mangling threads in the frame.

Along the same lines, nearly all pivot bolts on the frame can be unbolted from the non-drive side of the frame, making pivot maintenance much easier. What’s more, those frame pivots feature long-lasting, double-sealed cartridge bearings that greatly reduce the time your bike spends in the work stand. Finally, internal cable guides make quick and simple work of routing brake hoses, shifter cables and dropper post remotes through the Spectral 29 frame.

The G5 components found on several of the Spectral 29 models aren’t mere “house brand” parts. Nope, they’re components specifically designed by Canyon deliver the best possible combination of industrial design and on-trail performance.

Named after our toughest testing protocol, all G5 components must meet exceptionally high impact and strength standards and are specifically designed to withstand the punishment dished out in the most brutal of gravity competitions, including the Red Bull Rampage and the World Cup DH circuit.

Why didn’t we go the simple route and simply spec somebody else’s bars and stems on every new Spectral 29? Because designing these parts ourselves gives us absolute control over quality and helps us better integrate each component into the Spectral 29’s design language.

Or to put it more simply, G5 components help us build the best bike possible.

To learn more, visit Canyon.com

2021 Canyon Spectral 29