100% Altis Helmet Review



Review by Drew Rohde | Photos by Dusten Ryen

We’ve been riding the new 100% Altis helmet for the last few months, when we’re not wearing a full face, and we’re just as happy with it now as when we first put it on fresh out of the box. 100% designed the Altis to be a budget-conscious mountain bike helmet that still offers plenty of safety tech and comfort. Packing plenty of cool features and a bit of a unique style, we’re excited to share our more than 50-hours of research and testing below…and luckily no, we didn’t have to test its safety certifications as we were lucky enough to keep our head out of the dirt for a change.

Price: $100
Technology: Smartshock
Weight: 366 grams (size SM/M)
Website: 100percent.com

Built using injected high-density EPS foam and molded with polycarbonate, the 100% Altis has three size specific molds to ensure dimensions, material distribution and weight are as competitive and tuned as possible. Inside the shell sits a washable, anti-microbial liner, adjustable ratcheting fitment system and the Smartshock Rotational Protective System. Another small but mighty feature of the 100% Altis is the Nexus push release snap buckle. The buckle is very easy to use, comfortable and sits nicely against the chin thanks in part to the unique strap design.

Smartshock Rotational System is essentially an elastomer suspension system with eleven points of contact inside the helmet. Each elastomer works together to fully suspend the shell from the rider’s head and help absorb energy and slow down forces from oblique angular impacts.

Airflow on the 100% Altis is handled by 14 ventilation ports that are rather unique in their layout. Our mind is telling us that we should think the helmet is going to be hotter than some of it’s competitors due to the rather large, unvented portion towards the front, top of the helmet. Despite our preconceived notions, the helmet continues to surprise us with its light feel and competitive ventilation.

100% Altis Helmet Review

Many members of our team have switched to riding in pedal-friendly full face helmets, but when riding shorter travel bikes on mellower trails, we still prefer the comfort and breathability open face helmets provide. On those days the 100% Altis is certainly one of the first helmets to get picked off the shelf. With almost zero fussing, the Altis felt like an old favorite hat. Everyone’s head shape is different and we’re fully aware that some out there may not feel the same, but everyone of our testers agreed that this helmet was incredibly comfortable and sat on the head nicely.

One thing that did take a bit of getting used to was the floaty feeling that the helmet has. We believe that the Smartshock system is partly responsible for this, but essentially what we felt was that the helmet was high, off our head and would spin or slide off in the event of an impact. With some simulated hits from our more-than-willing pals, we slapped, hit, and twisted the helmet on each other’s heads. We were quite impressed that with how the helmet stayed in place and attribute that to the shape of the shell and the adjustable ratcheting fitment system.

The Wolf’s Last Word

Since first putting on the new 100% Altis helmet we have had no legitimate complaints. We did have a few assumptions that were quickly squashed, and it has quickly become one of our favorite half shell mountain bike helmets, running neck and neck with the Smith Forefront 2. The fit, comfort, styling and technology combined with the $100 price tag are all things we can get behind and make recommending this mountain bike helmet an easy call. 

Price: $100
Weight: 366 grams
Website: 100percent.com

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Super comfortable
Nexus snap buckle

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