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THE NEW Woodsprite Trail

The vastness of freedom.

Ever since enduro bikes emerged on the mountain biking horizon, the hunt for a compromise between downhill capability and uphill efficiency has been on. The geometry, suspension layouts, lockout shocks, remotes… Also the incredible growth of racing, with its bespoke requirements laid before the engineers, trying to come up with the latest and greatest of this new all-in-one discipline, new niches to fill, just like in the golden age of downhill racing domination.

The answer to whether mountain bikes have matured into their ultimate form has been unclear so far.

Woodsprite is the antidote to the chaos happening in the big mountain bike category. This is not a new standard, new segment or a new category of products. This is the fruit of a close look at the essence of mountain biking and its fusion with a few decades of technological progress. The new Antidote model uses a lot of the proven solutions from the Carbonjack, specifically the excellent FDS suspension platform and the Golden Ratio geometry concept.

The heart of the chassis is the new Floating Damping Suspension system. SMART FDS works basically the same as the original, but the smaller travel allowed for some streamlining. We used a single rocker link, and the rear shock is now fixed to the swingarm. This made the platform lighter, simpler and sleeker. An additional plus is a simplification of the production process. All of our goal parameters were achieved
 and the stiffness of the platform did not suffer

The smaller travel really comes into its own when paired with the geometry philosophy we apply to all our other models. The Woodsprite has a relatively long reach value which helps to move the centre of gravity between the wheels, depending on the situation on the trail. A balanced head angle doesn’t move the front wheel too far outwards, reducing the risk of washing out in corners. A fairly long chainstay keeps the rider in the middle of the bike, all while maintaining a long wheelbase, which ensures high stability at speed.

The Woodsprite offers a very quick and stable ride, a reassuring characteristic of longer-travel bikes, but its bespoke and shorter suspension layout encourages the rider to go airborne, saves energy and provides excellent feedback from the trail. It allows to squeeze out 100% of fun from a simple trail near your house, as well as pump you full of adrenaline on a rock garden in the mountains. It’s light, fast, it climbs great and goes downhill like a stabbed rat.

Does that sound like the definition of freedom in mountain biking? We sure think so.

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Floating Damping Suspension

We decided to tweak the FDS system for specific applications to achieve a bespoke fit for each discipline of mountain biking. At the same time, we made sure that every FDS variant featured the qualities an efficient and supple platform.

  • Progressive leverage curve inspired by motocross bikes, allowing for supreme small bump compliance without sacrificing the progressiveness required to handle extreme hits without bottoming out.
  • Unique and sleek design thanks to placing the shock behind the seat tube
  • High anti squat throughout the cassette for maximum efficiency on the climbs.
  • High anti rise throughout the travel
  • Specifically tailored amount of pedal kickback for high stability over bumps, while retaining a lively suspension feel
  • Rear shock does not rotate during travel, which results in additional sensitivity and less stress on bushings and bearings, prolonging their life
  • No shock mounting points on the front end of the frame allows for optimal stress distribution

SMART FDS is an adaptation of FDS, tailored to the needs of light trail bikes. The shock retains its position behind the seat tube, employing the Split pivot solution. The major difference is making use of a fixed pivot point instead of the virtual setup in the FDS

This is a choice we made seeing that the advantages of the original solution were not as beneficial in a smaller travel application, which renders the weight penalty associated with it pointless.

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Color Schemes

One of the unique things about Antidote is an individual approach to design, not excluding the paint job. We are proud of our perfect carbon fibre weave in the RAW version, but it looks amazing paired with a full paint job.

Each Antidote serial number has a unique character and story behind it. Attention to looks and aesthetics of the final product is one of the main pillars of our brand’s philosophy.

The Woodsprite is available as frame and shock options from €4,399, or complete builds from €7,799 to €8,699.

Head to the Antidote site to learn more and pick one up.


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