In Between with Quinn Hanley

Whistler bike park is a cruel mistress. While it provides some of the best riding in the world, it’s also quick to take it all away. Quinn Hanley learned that all too well with two broken collar bones, but in between he was able to put in the work to create an awesome video segment.
“Im 23 years old,” says Quinn. “Originally from Nelson BC. I grew up riding dirt jumps and more recently have been into freeriding and riding more big bikes. I’ve been living in whistler for two seasons now and I’m loving it. Being able to grow up in Nelson and ride with guys like Kurt Sorge, Garett Buhler and long time friend Alex Volokhov really pushed me into riding bigger features and more technical lines.”
“It’s been a tough summer season, with two breaks in just two months. Whistler has not been kind. “In Between” my first broken collarbone and my second, David Kenworthy and I had a total of five nights to pull together this little edit, bearing in mind we had no idea we only had five nights… This is a collection of what Whistler Bike Park has to offer. My next stop is New Zealand in February. Time to get back on the bike and see what next season has in store.”

 Quinn, welcome to the Wolf Pack.

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