Guerrilla Gravity

Guerrilla Gravity Giveaway

The Good, the Rad, and the Gnarly

A gravity-fueled adventure “race.”

Do you think you can handle a fully-pinned day at the bike park? Well if your answer is “hell yeah maybe,” then this is the event for you!

If you’ve been thinking about signing up, get off your ass and do it now because you’ve got a chance to win big! You’ve got two ways to win, so long as you make your move by August 3rd.

Grand Prize – Free race entry, lift tickets and 2 night hotel stay.

If you buy a ticket and register for the race before August 3rd, you have the chance of getting your ticket purchase refunded by Guerrilla Gravity. Even more, along with reimbursing your ticket purchase Guerrilla Gravity will also give away the keys to a hotel room for your two night stay at Angel Fire!

Photo Competition Prize – Free race entry

If you fear commitment, you can always enter the Instagram photo contest. Simply post a picture of you having fun on your favorite good, rad or gnarly trail and use the hashtag #TheGRG. Be sure to tag @ridegg then just cross your fingers and wait.

The weekend should be a wild time with lots of riding, partying and story telling and we’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be one of those weekend you’ll regret missing out on!


The Good, The Rad, and The Gnarly “race” – one part enduro and one part alley-cat race, riders will compete solo or as part of a two-person team to collect all 25 badges from the good, the rad, and the gnarly trails of Angel Fire Bike Park. Using a combination of speed and strategy, the first five riders from each category to collect all the badges will win prizes; plus a special DFL award for each category. Then, after it’s all over, we get down at the Pit Viper Afterparty!

The GRG was conceived by Will and Matt in 2011 after twelve hours of endurance downhill racing at Angel Fire’s Final Descent race. It’s been a long time goal to bring a similar format to a new generation of pinners. While all trails are still accessed via the lift, unlike that race, riders will be earning their turns on a few pedally stages as they get the full tour of the best trails at the Angel Fire Bike Park.

Long-travel #enduro bikes like The Smash or the Megatrail are recommended but run what you brung (all bike brands are welcome)! The bike park contains a wide variety of trails so bring a versatile bike built for all-day confidence while goin’ fast!

Collecting all 25 badges should take around 8-10 laps to complete and the badge locations will be published two weeks before the race. If you’re the type of person to plan ahead, you can collect up to five badges per lap or as few as one. If proper planning isn’t your favorite past-time, a suggested route will be provided.

Guerrilla Gravity

When: Saturday, August 11th, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
• Podium ceremony and Pit Viper Afterparty: 7 pm
• The final schedule will be sent out 30 days prior to the event

Where: The good, the rad, and the gnarly trails of Angel Fire Bike Park, NM

Why: Our mission is “to make mountain biking more awesome.” We build bikes we like to ride, so we figured it only makes sense to put on a race we’d love to compete in. We generally think racing is a little too serious, so we’re switching the order of fast and fun and making the three most important things:
1. Fun
2. Fast
3. Safety*.

* Our lawyers would like to make sure you’re aware that this is obviously a “tongue-in-cheek” statement created by our marketing “department.” Your safety is obviously our number one priority… or something like that.

Cost: $45 + lift ticket ($20)
• Race entry includes a free pair of limited edition HandUp Gloves ($30 value).

Registration: Join the party at

Thank you to all of the sponsors that are helping make mountain biking more awesome!

Guerrilla Gravity