Loam For Lunch

It seems like everytime the Ronny Racing gang comes together things get out of hand really quickly. Last week the guys spent a weekend at Max Kruse’s crib. The plan was simple: go to the forest with some shovels, find a steep loamy hillside and see what happens. A lot happened in only a few hours haha!

After the weekend. This trail was named ‘Sven Hase’. Sven is the guy eating it at 2:12. His pedal hit him in the genital region. It was one of those situations where everyone knows it’s funny but you just wait until your friend’s pain is gone to start laughing your ass off. We also spotted a hare, hase in German. ‘Sven Hase’ it was.

The Ronnys: Max Kruse, Jan Feyser, Robert Schultz
The homies Sven and Matze Busse
LR Team Manager: Jelle Harnisfeger

Filmed by: Everyone
Additional Filming: Dominik Vogt