HBO Sports Presents – Any One of Us

The feature-length presentation marks the first-ever partnership between HBO Sports and Red Bull Films. Any One of Us tells a story that begins on October 16, 2015, the date of Basagoitia’s traumatic injury, and unfolding in real time through raw, intimate footage — much filmed by Paul himself. The film documents the agonies of an unpredictable journey and uncertain future. Directed by Fernando Villena, the film features a chorus of other diverse spinal cord injuries (SCI) survivors, shining a light on the struggles that Basagoitia and all SCI patients confront every day, and the hope that drives them.

We were lucky enough to watch an early release screener of this film and were absolutely blown away at the emotional ride the film took us on. It’s an incredibly deep and moving journey the follows Paul B’s journey and challenges both mental and physical. The film is set to debut October 29th and we highly suggest you find the time to watch it with your friends and family.

Paul was incredibly brave and open during this film and the fact we are able to follow along is pretty special. We’d like to thank Paul, Red Bull and HBO Sports for shedding a light on the world of spinal cord injuries.