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The Ekano gets a new core component and we offer a new edition of our E-nduro directly with the release of the Shimano EP8 drive unit. Without compromise our E-Bike has developed further. With new specs the Ekano is even more coherent and balanced than before. At the same time, it becomes lighter and more efficient with the new EP8. Uphill performance and range are improved and with new, additional customizing options the Ekano remains a very versatile bike. Due to the new and clean design it is also visually absolutely high end!

The Ekano is our definition of a perfect and versatile E-Mountain Bike.

Frame Concept and PRO10
The quintessence of Propain is the PRO10 system. The Ekano does not only vary from our other bikes by the “E-Power”. We have adapted and refined the proven Propain suspension system PRO10 to meet the special requirements of E-Mountain Bikes. With this frame concept we were able to keep the well-known “Propain feeling”.

Propain Ekano

The revised frame design of the Ekano clearly reflects the new design language of PROPAIN. Small “undercoated” details provide a high-quality look of the bike. In addition to a new frame colour, the headtube badge can now be customized as well. As usual, each bike can also be customized according to the personal taste by a large selection of decal sets.

With the newly introduced EP8 drive unit from Shimano, the new Ekano pushes boundaries even further. The advantages are clearly noticeable: the quiet and light 85 Nm motor gives the impression of riding a classic bike with simple and efficient pedalling.

The engine delivers the right amount of power at the right time due to the optimized software and in addition the Shimano E-TUBE app offers many customization options and can even be changed “on tour”. On the trail, the Shimano EP8 offers three levels of support: Eco, Trail and Boost.

The drive unit is powered by an efficient 504 Wh Shimano battery. The semi-integrated battery is very long-lasting depending on riding-style/weight/mode/etc. and offers pure riding fun. We deliberately chose the compact and lightweight Shimano 504Wh battery. The advantages are obvious: ample capacity, weight, handling, compact size for carrying in a backpack, easy removal and an integrated system from Shimano.

Propain Ekano


Robert Krauss; CEO:
“We have considered valuable feedback from our customers, athletes and friends during the further development process of the Ekano. As a result, we were able to sort certain teething troubles and achieve improvements in the overall concept and design. The result is an E-Bike fully, which is even more versatile, balanced and uncompromising than before.”

David Assfalg; CEO:
“A bike that has inspired us from the very beginning. Developed like every PROPAIN – with all the experience of our employees and with one goal in mind – to build an E-Bike that takes us and our customers to the next level.”

Propain Ekano Geo

A geometry that works well on downhill as well as on demanding and long uphill sections is key for an E-Mountain Bike. The Ekano manages this balancing act with ease by the combination of a steep seat angle, moderately long reach and chain stays and a flat head angle. These characteristics paired with the powerful support of the Shimano EP8 drive unit ensure an agile handling on the trails and an overall new riding experience.

We are the only manufacturer that offers three different wheel sizes for one model. The geometry can be adapted accordingly by a flip chip, which is inserted into the shock linkage. This allows the bike to be adapted to all individual preferences. In case you ride longer tours and prefer a smooth rolling behaviour, the 29″ wheels is the best choice. If you like it more playful choose 27.5″. The mixed combination of 27.5″ wheel in the back and 29″ wheel in the front provides the best of both worlds – ideal if you want to combine agility and performance.

Propain Ekano

With the Anti-Squat we continue to focus on a high value to compensate for the compression. The 130% Anti-Squat prevents the front wheel from bouncing even on the steepest climbs. On the same time, it is very sensitive and offers enough support to always maintain a good suspension travel.

Propain Ekano


Blend Alloy
The development is based on our proven “Blend Alloy” material mix. The frame is manufactured from at least three different alloys, which in combination create the optimum between stiffness, strength and weight. Rockers and axles are made from 7075 T6 aluminium, which is very strong and resilient. The more fatigue-resistant 6066 T6 aluminium is used for the tubes and the milled and forged parts are made of 6061 T6 aluminium.

“Blend Alloy” embodies our specific and unique manufacturing process and ensures the optimal performance and durability of these lightweight frames.

The frame stands out by its durability, which is tested and verified on our in-house test bench during the development process. The semi-integrated battery fits perfectly into the frame and completes the clean design.

Internal Routing
The cockpit of the Ekano looks very clean due to internally routed cables, which are well protected from external impacts.

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