Cinematography by Jakub Han

Clemens’ idea behind this project was as simple as it can be: He wanted to have a training setup at home for his big bike so he can do all his tricks and basically his favorite type of riding: going BIG! He didn’t really know how to do it all himself because it was quite a task and he only had a three week time window between two projects to do it. Doing it alone would have been boring and also impossible. So he asked his friends Daniel & Elias Ruso and also LT (Lukas Trutschmann) to help him out. This led into a hell of a good time with just enjoying the summer to the fullest, working, digging, riding and hanging out together.

“As I heard some moaning, I quickly fired a Schwarzenegger quote over: „Just see it as a workout and you’re getting stronger each step to shred your bike way harder! “. Well, his quotes always work haha. In the meantime, I was rotating dirt in my own machine, and I enjoyed it. As some of you might know I do like to build jumps with the excavator, very much! Usually I get the jumps 99% rideable with the machine instantly and a takeoff start to finish takes me about 2-3 hours and you can ride it. But a little bit of hand love just tops it off.
— Clemens Kaudela

“Some of you might know the spot from a previous edit Austrias Sickest . We started rebuilding the old stuff we had so we could ride every now and then. After that we started with the new section. I had a specific idea of what I wanted. Basically that is getting the max out of the vertical height difference possible. Roughly the „hill“ had about 15m vertical. I wanted a 4m drop and a 6,5m drop with a big landing like 7m tall. Right after I also had a jump in mind maximizing the size of it with the speed available. Style of the Jump: BOOTER!”
— Clemens Kaudela

“I hope you enjoy watching as much as we did creating. It was an absolute blast and I will definitely build more stuff out there so stay tuned. I want to thank my sponsors PROPAIN BIKES , LEATT , REVERSE and MASTERS OF DIRT for specially supporting me on this project. We have a dope setup to ride now!”
— Clemens Kaudela