Video by Luca Cometti, Peter Jamison
and Heather Young

Riding provides inspiration—to forget about everything, except what is right in front of us. Watch Luca Cometti and Peter Jamison seek inspiration to create—performing dual roles: Performing in front, and behind, the camera lens—in the woods of Highland Mountain Bike Park. 

Where does your inspiration come from?
The glow of the evening sun?
Native curves of the earth?
Nature’s aggressive behavior?
Or is it shapes in the dirt?
Reflections of the world in its waters?
The wind?
The trees?
It seems it’s found the perfect balance
A stillness

Are these forces there for us to be inspired?
If so, how do we express ourselves?
With two wheels and a sensor—this is our expression

Creative forces are present in life
And aren’t we all after a bit more of that?
The earth and the mind can be loud
The slash of a corner
The strike of a root
Or the pop of a lip—can make things go silent.
For just enough time
For us to forget about everything
But what is right in front of us

At the end of the day
Are we ever content?
Does the boundary of creativity ever end?
Or are we already searching?
For the next source of satisfaction

When that imagination runs out
So does our existence

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