Featuring William Robert

If you ride Park, you know.

It’s the kind of lap you spend a whole season dreaming of. Running the mountain over and over. Lap after lap, in search of the sweet spot on that setup jump, perfecting a lean into the berm, pushing for that perfect pop off a lip.

Then, when you least expect it, and the dirt’s just right, you find yourself right in the pocket.

Nothing but you, the bike, and the deafening silence of your tires leaving the ground. Almost like the bike’s riding itself.

The perfect run.

But ask anyone who paddles out again and again to catch waves – Chase too hard or force it, and you’ll never find it.

But once that run is done, what do you do? You run it again. It’s in those fleeting feelings of perfection that you hit the rotary dial and go back for another.

Calling in a couple favours with his friends at the Evo Bike Park for his latest edit, William Robert had just such a lap down the lofty, loose lineof Griffus trail captured by filmmakers Alan Perreard and Grégory Roux. The raw edit, Robert said, was the perfect showcase for this massive trail.

“This trail is made by riders for riders! It’s not everywhere that you can find such biiiig jumps in a bike park!”

And, just like the rest of us, when he got to the bottom of such an epic run, what’s he supposed to do? Pile in the truck and run it again.

Video: Alan Perreard
Photos: Gregory Roux
Location: Evo Bike Park