• Designed For: Trail riding
• Internal Width: 30mm
• Weight: 1,750 Grams with i9 Hydra hubs with valves and tape
• Price: Starts at $1599 USD

There are magical moments when the bike and rider become one with the trail in an almost existential state of mountain bike euphoria. Rocks and root sections disappear as you float through berms and corners, carrying maximum speed with an ease that permanently plants an ear-to-ear grin on your face.

Enter the new Reserve 30|SL. The Reserve 30|SL delivers trail bliss by incorporating Reserve’s legendary quality and durability with a host of updated features. A wider and lower rim profile increases strength and lateral rigidity while delivering improved vertical compliance for enhanced traction, and a new rim shape eases tubeless tire installation and improves bead retention at lower pressures. At just under 1750 grams, the Reserve 30|SL is one of the lightest trail-ready wheelsets on the market, with no rider weight limit and our uncompromising lifetime guarantee. Compared to the 30|30, the 30|SL is lighter and offers more vertical compliance and provides a more comfortable ride.

The Reserve 30|SL wheelset is built for you and the way you ride: balanced and responsive to go the distance, delivering uncompromised, untethered trail riding nirvana.

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  • Step-in internal rim bed to ease tubeless installation
  • Lower profile for added lateral stiffness with increased vertical compliance
  • Asymmetrical design (flipped front to rear) 440 gram rim weight


  • Designed For: Trail riding
  • Internal Width: 30mm
  • Sizes Available: 29 only
  • Recommended Tire Dimensions: 2.2 to 2.5
  • Spoke Count: 28
  • Wheelset Weight: 1,750 Grams with i9 Hydra hubs with valves and tape
  • Price: Starts at $1599
  • Options: DT Swiss 350 and i9 Hydra hubs, CL or 6B, MS or XD


When Reserve was founded in 2014, the motivation was simple; we wanted to make the most durable, highest strength-to-weight composite wheels on the market and back it with a lifetime guarantee. So, we did.

Reserve first launched with wheels in 2017. At the time, carbon rims with a lifetime guarantee were unheard of. Within 12 months, Reserve leaped from unknown up-start to one of the most highly rated carbon wheel makers in the mountain bike market.
Buoyed by the positive reception, Reserve swiftly moved into gravel. Fully rigid off-road bikes demand a sophisticated carbon rim layup in order to retain control and comfort. Not only does strength, weight, and durability matter, but ride quality also. The Reserve gravel range was born at NAHBS in 2019.

It was only a matter of time before we moved up to our next challenge – aerodynamics. Collaborating with our friends at Cervélo, we took Reserve into a new dimension in 2020 with the launch of a complete line of aero road and gravel wheelsets that deftly balanced the needs of modern riders.

Engineering, racing, and service is our mantra. The next chapter of Reserve is just beginning.


Lab Tested: Optimizing the strength and weight of our rims in an exhaustive effort and it all starts at our California composites lab located in Santa Cruz. Not only do we work to develop the carbon fiber layup, but we have developed a proprietary test protocol to mimic real-world impacts and spoke pull outs on wheels. As a result, we are able to maximize stiffness and strength.


We know that missing a ride sucks. Like all products in the Reserve lineup, the 30|SL is supported by our lifetime warranty. We were the first company to offer this level of support on carbon wheels.

As we like to say at Reserve: Lifetime. Not limited. Replaced for free.