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Sound of Speed – Laurie Greenland at Bikepark Wales

Laurie Greenland has teamed up with Red Bull and Bike Park Wales to create and build every world cup racers dream line for a new Red Bull Sound of Speed edit dropping today across Red Bull Channels.

Red Bull’s Sound of Speed series showcases the very best of the world’s downhill MTB riders in pure video form, with just the sound of the bike, rider and the trail they are riding to enhance the experience for the viewer.

Called ‘Vanta’ the line was developed especially for Laurie and Red Bull by Duncan Ferris and his team at Bike Park Wales – with Laurie taking the creative direction, and Duncan putting Laurie’s vision to work. This new Red Bull  Sound of Speed edit has been created to show off the skill and talent that Laurie has to offer. From seriously technical features to jumping in between trees – this edit has it all.

Laurie Greenland

“It’s not really a trail that you see very often, a lot of bike parks have different trails, similar lines – but there’s nothing in the UK that’s as technical as this – It keeps you on your toes! I started the project last winter, and it’s been such a good experience to watch the line develop. Creating a brand new line just for a Red Bull Sound of Speed edit is such a privilege, and I can’t wait to watch people send it when the line opens up. The filming process was as smooth as the line itself- we shot it just after Red Bull Hardline, and it was fun to work on a project that showcases the sensations of pure MTB speed!”

Duncan Ferris from Bike Park Wales

“It’s been a huge privilege building this trail for Laurie and Red Bull, building features for one of the best riders on the planet really opens the door to endless possibilities. I’ve enjoyed every moment of this build, from the satisfying finishing work to the exhaustingly physical wet and muddy conditions! It has been incredible working with someone who is at the top of their sport like Laurie! His skills on a bike have allowed me to build features that I would never normally get the chance to and we’ve been able to bounce ideas off each other and really create something different!”

The new Laurie Greenland x Bike Park Wales ‘Vanta’ line will open to the public from Wednesday 29th September. The trail is graded ‘pro line’ and includes mandatory features and large gap jumps so is suitable for highly skilled and experienced riders only.

Red Bull Sound of Speed is available to watch today on Red Bull TV and Red Bull Bike YouTube channel.

For more information visit and join the conversation @RedBullUK with the hashtag #RedBullSoundOfSpeed.


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