Reserve Launches The New 30|HD



Modern trail bikes are designed to tackle anything that can be thrown at them. From cruising mellow singletrack to crushing boulder-strewn steeps, they deliver a do-everything performance that inspires the rider to go faster, more smoothly. Building the strongest, most reliable and best-handling wheelset to meet the needs of today’s trail rider was the goal when we developed the Reserve 30|HD. The Reserve 30|HD is specially designed to stand up to abuse, featuring a 30mm width for use with 2.5 tires and a redesigned inner rim bed that takes the hassle out of seating new tires. Proven in the lab, ride tested in some of the toughest terrain on the planet, the 30|HD takes you there faster with a greater sense of confidence.


The 30|HD’s redesigned rim bed eases tubeless installation, with a shaped rim bed utilizing offset spoke holes that allows the tire to easily  push past the bead bump to seat tubeless tires.

Asymmetrical rims, like those on the 30|HD, build stiffer, stronger and more reliable wheels by improving the bracing angles and equalizing  the spoke tensions between the drive and non-drive side spokes.

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Reserve uses externally reinforced spoke holes to strengthen the area where the rim sees the most force, around the spoke nipple. This provides improved strength without adding unnecessary weight.


Designed For: Trail-all mountain and enduro riding
Inner Width: 30mm
Sizes Available: 27.5 and 29
Recommended Tire Dimensions: 2.3 to 2.5
Spoke Count: 28
Wheelset Weight: 1800 grams with
Industry Nine Hydra hubs
Options: Industry Nine Hydra or 1/1, bolt, Microspline or XD
Price: Starts at $1799

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What is the difference between the 30|HD and the 30SL?

The basic design of the two rims is the same: Both feature the new rim bed shape with bead bump to ease tubeless-tire installation, and a new wider and lower rim profile to increase strength and lateral rigidity, while adding vertical compliance for enhanced traction. The differences are in the thickness of materials. The 30|HD has more overall material which adds lateral rigidity and impact resistance appropriate with the intended category. The 30|HD also has a 27.5 version which can be used for 27.5 or MX bikes.

What is the difference between the 30 and the 30|HD?

Our venerable 30 has been Reserve’s most popular and most widely used rim, and like the 30|HD, was designed for aggressive trail riding. The 30|HD replaces the 30, so from a material and stiffness perspective, they are similar. It’s the subtlety of the ride where they differ. While lateral rigidity is similar, the new wider and lower rim profile increases vertical compliance to take the edge off harsh impacts.

Is there a rider weight limit?

Like the rest of the Reserve wheels, there is no rider weight limit and a lifetime warranty with the30|HD rims.

Are the 30|HD E-bike compatible?

Only two rims meet the requirements of use on ebikes: the Reserve 30|HD (also current model 30) and Reserve DH on front, and the Reserve DH on rear

Head to the Reserve Wheels site to learn more about the new 30|HD wheels.


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