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SwitchGrade now available for bikeyoke

News of our SwitchGrade™ prototype broke out in early 2021 and word spread quickly – much quicker than we had anticipated in fact. From the outset, universal compatibility was a major goal for us and today, SwitchGrades are compatible with most of the market leaders including droppers from OneUp, PNW, Fox, RockShox, eThirteen, Raceface, KS, TranzX and many more. Yet there was one brand that eluded us due to some considerable challenges (as if this making a SwitchGrade wasn’t hard enough).

Proudly Introducing SwitchGrade for the BikeYoke Revive dropper post
BikeYoke is recognized as purveyors of highly innovative and well-engineered components and their top of the line Revive dropper sets the  benchmark for reliability and smooth operation. It’s likely why we received countless emails, texts, and DM’s asking us to make a Revive- compatible SwitchGrade, especially from European and US customers. Designing SwitchGrades to be near-universally compatible was a  major undertaking due to the immense variety of seatposts on the market and the absence of design standards apart from lower tube diameters. The BikeYoke Revive posed a considerable challenge due to some tough constraints, most notably its diminutive posthead.

“Man where to start? Likely the toughest part of developing the SwitchGrade in general was designing for the small space we had to work with  between the saddle and seatpost while retaining acceptable stack height. This didn’t give us a lot of room to work with especially when  aiming to make something compact and light yet strong enough to withstand the abuse of Northshore and Sea to Sky riders who we modeled  it for. The BikeYoke was even more difficult because of the small posthead dimensions but we made it work.” – Colin Adamson, Aenomaly’s  Lead Design Consultant.

The SwitchGrade for the BikeYoke features a unique base that departs from the quad-scallop design seen on our other models. This was done  to accommodate the Revive’s compact posthead. The “Type 4” model also saw the introduction of dual asymmetrical bridge structures for  added strength, ease of installation, and to reduce overall size, all the while maintaining a geometric and aesthetically appealing form which  aligned with our design language.

Launching the Bike Yoke compatible version of the SwitchGrade was an important milestone for us because it aligns with our goal to address  customer needs and wants. As a small family-owned startup we could not be more proud of this model which we believe is on par with  BikeYoke’s attention to detail and engineering excellence which, in our view, ranks among the best out there.

SwitchGrade features a unique dual asymmetrical base design.

Type 4” SwitchGrade for BikeYoke (left) next to a “Type 2” (right) for use with RockShox Reverb and more.

• Three fixed “macro” positions
o -10° negative tilt (nose down) for climbing
o 12° positive tilt (nose up) for descending
o Neutral (middle) setting for flat, undulating terrain and moderate slops
• Negative tilt steepens effective seat tube angle >1 degree, raises rear of saddle approx. 20mm, and moves rider forward approx. 10mm
• Positive tilt drops the rear of saddle approx. 30mm increasing clearance and standover for descending

• Native 2 bolt micro-adjustment allows saddle angle tuning adjustments
• Low-profile design allows compatibility with a wide range of droppers, fixed seatposts, and saddles
• Optimized haptic feedback and audible locking engagement inspires confidence and eyes-free shifting
• Ambidextrous design: can be installed with front-facing lever or rear accessed
• Ample mud-clearance to deal with the elements
• Unique quad-scallop design translates to transferability among a variety of dropper posts (Types 1, 2, 3)
• Fast and easy 90 second installation
• Low maintenance and easy to rebuild
• Designed and tested on the North Shore, precision CNC-machined in Whistler BC, hand assembled in

Positive saddle tilt increases standover clearance, augments steering precision, and
keeps pointy bike parts away from soft human parts.

“I’ve been riding the SwitchGrade for couple weeks now, and I simply love it. Having the ability to get a proper seat position for climbing and  descending is a game changer, it’s a product I’ll use all the time on all my bikes ”
-Yoann Barelli, Professional Freerider, Proprietor, Into The Gnar Progression Team

Flat level riding: equally loaded front and rear wheels. System mass centrally located.

“As a coach who is always looking for ways to help riders feel more comfortable on the bike, I saw immediately how this could keep pressure  off their sensitive under-bits for those long steep climbs. After riding on the Switchgrade I was surprised by how much I missed it when riding on my bikes without one. It made my normal saddle position I’ve been riding for 20yrs feel like it was pointing straight up when climbing. I  plan to introduce a lot of new people to the Switchgrade and to make sure all my bikes have one on it.”
– Harlan Price, Level II PMBIA Instructor, Owner/Head Coach, Take Aim Cycling

Climbing with an at-grade saddle (ie parallel to the ground) produces unwanted effects
including: groin discomfort, accelerated fatigue, loss of traction, involuntary wheelies.

“When riding up a steep slope, a traditionally neutral saddle tilt will cause the pelvis to tilt posteriorly. This has a number of implications,  both above and below the level of the hip. In addition to over-lengthening and stressing muscles of the lumbar spine, an aggressive  posterior pelvic tilt alters the position of the hip joint relative to other structures in the body.

This changes the leverage capabilities of the  hip and surrounding muscles, particularly in regards to hip extension. Excessive posterior pelvic tilt also has a negative impact upon  quadriceps  muscle recruitment, and has the potential to affect the degree of terminal knee extension during pedal stroke. What this boils down to is both  an uncomfortable and inefficient riding position. A negative saddle tilt, such as that provided by the SwitchGrade, helps mitigate this change  in pelvic tilt during steep, seated climbing.”
– Dr. Adam Phaneuf, Professional Bike Fitter, Owner, Apex Chiropractic and Rehab

Climbing with a negative tilt saddle distributes loads evenly and centralizes CoM helping
to improve balance, traction, comfort, and efficiency.

“After spending a few long days in the saddle with Switchgrade installed, I can definitely say that the benefits are noticeable. From a  biomechanics perspective, the forward tilted position definitely creates a more anteriorly rotated pelvis in the seated position. That’s anatomy speak for better lower back posture, and better power transfer during seated, steep climbs.

From a shredding perspective, the  rearward tilt gives you a noticeably increased standover height over your dropped saddle for full send, downhill procedures. I can’t wait to get more time on the bike with Switchgrade aboard.”
– Dr. Josh Harris DPT, Osteopractic, Owner, Somercycle Bike Shop

Pricing & Availability
SwitchGrades are available now for purchase. MSRP: $245 USD, $284 CAD, £170 GBP, €198 EUR*. Current lead
times are 4-6 weeks. Orders placed today will ship in late April).
*based on Type 1 SwitchGrade

Key benefits
• Improved efficiency, traction, and comfort when climbing
• Increased standover, clearance, control, and safety when descending
• Effective management for those suffering groin discomfort, lower back pain, and knee strain
• Combat fatigue experienced during climbing – save your energy for the fun stuff
• On-demand adjustability eliminates compromises enabling optimized ascending and descending

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Who is the SwitchGrade for?
• Aggressive riders and freeriders seeking increased clearance and control to augment dynamic movement
• Male and female cyclists who suffer groin related pain or numbing, back pain, or knee strain
• “Winch and plummet” riders whose trails begin with steep and/or long climbs followed by steep or
technical descents
• Enduro racers looking to save energy for the downhill stages and have DH-bike clearance and control
• Riders with older bikes / geometry
• Those who no longer want to compromise ergonomics, performance, or comfort while riding
• Tall riders seeking proper leg extension and positioning while climbing
• Shorter riders looking for more standover
• Endurance and adventure riders who journey on multi-day epics across variable terrain and slopes

To learn more about the SwitchGrade, visit or find us on Instagram


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