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This Is Home – Marine Cabirou

Next up in the renowned This is Home series from SHIMANO is world cup downhill athlete, Marine Cabirou.

About The Film:

Becoming one of the world’s fastest downhill MTB racers was a natural fit for Marine Cabirou as she grew up in the hills of Millau, France and spent her childhood chasing her older brother Rudy around on mountain bikes. Her inner daredevil, natural drive, and support from family and friends have all contributed to Marine’s success at the top level of the sport.

Video: This Is Home - Marine Cabirou

As Marine navigates her own struggle with recovering from multiple broken vertebrae and the eb and flow of injury and success in recent years, she finds solace in the support of her friends, family, and community. Her passion for the sport of downhill mountain biking will always be the motivation to come back from injury stronger and faster. A life without mountain biking is unimaginable for Marine, and her determination, discipline, family, and friends are all holding the ladder as she climbs back to the top. Flowing through the hillsides, ripping the trails with her brother, recovering and rising back, this is the story of Marine Cabirou.

This is Home.

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Video: This Is Home - Marine Cabirou
Video: This Is Home - Marine Cabirou


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